• grass
    True change takes time
    Posted in: Life

    Recuperating from triple pneumonia. I don’t talk about it much but it has definitely been a journey. It is time to start living again, since I was blessed to LIVE. While people were praying for money, love, success, etc., I was praying to be able to breathe and not feel like I was drowning or […]

  • past present future
    Learning from the past
    Posted in: Life

    Working on the site, my daughter and I have been going through old entries, fixing broken links, and making them public. It is nice to go back in time and remember the things you used to do, how you used to feel, realize how far you’ve come and perhaps learn something about yourself. This is […]

  • LOVE_sculpture_NY1
    The one that got away…not!
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    I was conversing with viewers and one of them said, “You know…like that one that got away”. They discussed women they felt, looking back, were “good women” that they made mistakes with and the relationship deteriorated. I sympathize with the feeling having felt something similar in the past. I don’t have many exes, but the […]

  • eveonline
    The people who play EVE are real
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    When I see ambulances/police on the street, I try to make sure my senior citizen neighbors are okay. Last night I was recording so I didn’t hear them, I saw the lights through the window. There were so many I couldn’t tell which house they were responding to. I went downstairs and stood on my […]

  • dota5
    Blind leading the blind or the echo chamber
    Posted in: Business, Life

    Social media makes it very easy to meet people. Networking can be very valuable to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the term “friend” is overused and the meaning of “friends” has become diluted.

    For people who want a successful career, surrounding yourself with people with similar maturity and experience levels is crucial for success. The people who are serious about obtaining the quality of life they have goals for do this naturally. The people closest to them have similar goals and interests that bond them.

    Social media makes it easy to become friends with people who will distract your attention to almost guarantee you will not reach your goals. If you are a parent, it’s like your child hanging around the “wrong” group of kids….can you relate to that?