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RhymeTyme Happy New Year!

It’s that time. Been a while since I did a rhyme. I can hear my thoughts in my mind chime. My words, my voice…my partners in crime. No idea where the time flew. During...


Stop Believing the Lies

When I post things like this, usually I am referring to “life” not specifically relationships. In this case, I was referring to the Warlords of Draenor expansion launch. I am on a high populated...


True change takes time

Recuperating from triple pneumonia. I don’t talk about it much but it has definitely been a journey. It is time to start living again, since I was blessed to LIVE. While people were praying...


True productivity and guilt by association

Organization. Productivity. These are two things many of us strive for. There are endless articles on how being more productive. However, no advice and tools in the world can help you reach your goals if you are making bad decisions.