Dragon Age: Origins ~ Me and my decisions


In a spur of the moment decision I decided to make a drastic change in strategy to have a potential different ending than my first playthrough. A decision that varies vastly from my personality.

This is my second play through of the game. I wanted to record it to compliment my Dragon Age: 2 play through and to prep for Dragon Age: 3, whenever that is coming out. I do not remember everything that happened in the game so I still have surprises, which I like. However, I wanted to do things different than the last time.

Which is why I decided to kill all the Mages.

I’m curious how this will impact the storyline. At first, I could not think of a way for it to come back and haunt me. Later, I did. The end battle where you have to recruit people. I will have Templars but no Mages.

Should be an interesting fight.

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