Minecraft: Let’s talk about EVE mining changes


Get it? Mining changes – Minecraft…yeah…I crack myself up sometimes. :-)

I heard Minecraft was updated recently. I haven’t played the game in ages and that is when I came up with the brilliant idea of using Minecraft as my AFK tool while I filled my 1000m3 (6000m3 if I take my Sigil) cargohold (yes, I know…LOADS of AFKing here, right? /sarcasm). But, according to those complaining on the forums, AFK mining is a thing of the past because the Hulk was nerfed.

Yet it was buffed.

I know, right? Which one? I came up with a solution!

And my punishment for daring to play Minecraft while talking about EVE? I died. :(

Irony: I mined while I uploaded this video. More efficient AFKing. I had to move ore every few minutes. I think it’s a good balance. Mining compliments a person doing something else while they progress, just like a character slowly gains levels when not in the game. It is one of the nice aspects about EVE.

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