My Thoughts on Tao’s “Black White (AB)”

When Tao announced his new single “Black White (AB)”, I had mixed feelings. While I excited about getting new music from Tao, I’ll admit I haven’t been feeling the last few singles he’s released. “The Road” was forgettable. “Hello, Hello” was okay, but it would have been better without Wiz Khalifa. “19” is a pretty song but I’m not a huge fan of those over-dramatic power ballads. “Underground King” and “Adore” were actually pretty good, but they never got their own music videos (I’m still a little sad that “Adore” never got a MV).

But much to my relief, “Black White” is actually pretty dope. It’s a fun, eccentric party banger, switching back and forth between a smooth R&B vibe to a hard-hitting bass heavy beat. Tao even raps in English and drops a few curse words (which makes this song NSFW).

The video shows us a Light Tao and a Dark Tao, both representing the two sides of his personality. The concept is about the internal conflict between Tao’s good qualities and bad qualities, and creating a balance between the two.

I wasn’t sure if I would like”Black White (AB)”, but it’s grown to be one of my favorite songs of the year. And with his first full-length album set to be released this year, I’m excited to see what other tricks Tao has up his sleeve.