Be Like Johnny: Always Believe In Yourself

How much time do you invest in reaching your goals or following your passion? Johnny invested nine years, and it worked out.

Update: Most Korean Music Sites (Except MelOn) DO NOT Count Streams...

International streaming doesn't count on Korean music charts, but there are still ways to support your favorite artist.

Will Mystery Singer A.Leean Just Reveal Herself Already?

A.Leean tries the "mystery singer" concept for her American debut, but it's starting to get real old, real fast.

Nintendo Switch: Coming 3/3/17 with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the...

Nintendo Switch launched March 3, 2017. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be a launch title.

AncestryDNA: We Received Your DNA Sample

They received my DNA test. What next? Take their advice: work on my tree.

Tao Kicks Off 2017 By Releasing “New Day” Single!

Tao decides to ring in the new year by releasing some new music.

Incoming: Player Housing in Elder Scrolls Online (Homestead)

In December, Homestead was announced. Player housing is coming to Elder Scrolls Online. While I was typing the article, it was released to the public test server. It's early. I'm not used to this. More about Homestead...

Bring it 2017! Happy New Year!

Happiness is a decision. In 2017, I hope more people decide to be happy and make it happen.