TalkTyme: TaeKook Tension ~ J-Hope 1st Mixtape Music Video Shoot #2

**I received permission to share this as long as the person remained anonymous. In case it is not obvious, in some cases I use “they” in singular form”. **

I received an email from someone asking my thoughts on the latest Bangtan Bomb, the behind the scenes #2 from J-Hope’s video shoot. The person is a TaeKook/VKook shipper and said they felt uncomfortable lately about the ship because what the person was seeing lately did not make sense if TaeKook was in a romantic relationship.

Yes, there was tension IMO but honestly, that was expected as it has been brewing for some time. Let’s look at what happened, okay? You can view the original video on the BTS channel or you can view the video with English subtitles on the Bangtan Subs channel.

What Happened In the Video

On 2/22/18, the members visited J-Hope’s set separately. Jin and RM arrived first, together. Taehyung, Suga and Jungkook came separately at different times with Jimin arriving last. How do we know it was 2/22 and not in January? Look at Jin’s hair. It was the same day he cut it. He’s wearing the same outfit and his bangs are uneven. Jimin brought a birthday gift for J-Hope, whose birthday was 2/18. It doesn’t make sense Jimin would bring J-Hope a birthday gift a early. It was a belated birthday gift.

Let’s move on to the video. Timestamps for what happened are below.

5:00 ~ Taehyung was helping with the shoot and was sitting on the bed when quietly Jungkook arrived. Jungkook smiled when he saw J-Hope. Suga said something to him and Jungkook kept on walking, not acknowledging Taehyung at all. Honestly, I wonder if the shoot was on schedule? What I mean by this: Taehyung wasn’t supposed to be the one in the bed, there was extra shooting involved. Taehyung and J-Hope went to dinner. Considering the distance we see in the video between Jungkook and Taehyung, it is possible Jungkook was trying to arrive when Taehyung would not be there (or was not aware Taehyung would be there) so fans wouldn’t see the distance and become concerned.

5:10 ~ The next time we see Jungkook, he’s standing next to Suga and he’s smirk/smiling/biting his lip but we don’t know what he was smiling at because the camera is not pointed in a direction where we can see what he’s looking at. The only thing we know is that whatever he’s directly looking at is at eye level to him because he’s not looking down. The last shot we saw, J-Hope was standing up, Taehyung was in the bed (he’d be lower than Jungkook was looking) and Yeontan was on the floor (out of eye level where Jungkook was looking). Jungkook could see Taehyung and Yeontan but he was not directly look at them if they were still in their positions.

7:28 ~ They finish Taehyung’s part of the shoot. Taehyung says goodbye to J-Hope, and Jungkook moves to the furthest part of the right hand side of the camera. As Taehyung is saying goodbye to J-Hope, he looks at Jungkook, then there is an edited cut. Some video was removed, not much because their positions do not change much. As Taehyung leaves, it seems Taehyung attempted to touch Jungkook on his way out. Jungkook flinched moving suddenly to his right which would, unfortunately, be away from Taehyung’s hand. He was standing still, there was no reason to move. Taehyung looked back, as if to look at Jungkook, but he left. Before someone goes there, that area is a major intersection where people were walking. There was nothing to trip over and people don’t trip standing still. It would be a work hazard to have something on the floor there.

8:08 ~ When Jimin arrives, he brought a birthday gift. There are a few edited cuts where video was removed during this segment. While talking, J-Hope mentioned how sweet it was the members almost all came individually. This seems to be news to Jimin as he seemed to be unaware how or if other members came. This makes sense because Jin and RM didn’t realize Suga was going. Jimin recorded J-Hope with his camera. Actually, he recorded Jungkook recording J-Hope with his camera. I make this distinction because they make it clear that is what he did at 9:04 and the time on his phone was 10:34 pm. J-Hope did his spoiler at 10:51 pm. Jungkook was sprawled out on the bed behind him.

I want to make note there isn’t much interaction between Jungkook and Jimin until they are about to leave. Matter of fact, when Jungkook was sitting on the bed with J-Hope, Jimin walks up to them and for a bit, Jungkook looks at Jimin but then looks down and away.

9:45 ~ J-hope is saying goodbye to Jungkook and Jimin. Jungkook has his arm around Jimin. J-Hope, saying how great his brothers (JiKook) are, puts his arms around Jimin. Jungkook keeps his arm around Jimin’s shoulders so J-Hope has his hand on top of Jungkook’s. You can see there is genuine feeling in that moment. It was sweet and nice to see J-Hope so affectionate and happy (he was like that all day – beautiful) but there is something different here. Usually when one of the other members, hyungs to Jungkook, puts their arm around Jimin while Jungkook’s hand/arm is there, Jungkook backs down and removes it, causing many of the infamous “jealous” moments. This time, he stood his ground, kept arm around Jimin and his hand on Jimin’s shoulder. Jungkook said he would stay longer but they needed to leave as they had things to do. They gave good wishes for the staff and J-Hope.

11:14 ~ Taehyung said his end message and one notable thing is that they cut some of his portion out. He started off saying, “For J-Hope’s MV this time…” and it skipped to “Daydream, please give it a lot of love”. I wonder what they removed?

12:20 ~ At the end is JiKook. To not have planned to come together, they decided to leave together because they had things they needed to do. Another cut, coming back to Jungkook smiling. I wonder what they removed? The interesting thing to me is Jungkook’s facial expressions.

He moves his bangs to make sure you can see his eyes, and almost immediately looks to his left. Then looks down. Looks back up, side-eyes to the left, looks down. Then gives a long star at the camera, talking about Suga. Looks to the left again, then back at the camera, then down. Looks back up then proceeds to look directly at the camera, without blinking, until the end of the video. To put this into perspective, Jimin blinks at least five times during this period of time. Does the look Jungkook gives remind you of something? It was from an interview BTS did when they were in America. Jungkook was determined to touch Jimin and a fan points out moments between the two that a lot of people might have missed.

I want to be clear that JiKook wasn’t acting like they normally do either. While they are fine, not on the outs or anything, Jimin wasn’t the bubbly, angelic, charismatic one he normally is and Jungkook, all throughout the video, was quiet and more focused than fans are used to seeing him.

Was There Tension Between TaeKook?

My response to the question was yes, but (to me) it was understandable. I was more curious on why the person who asked me the question felt uncomfortable with TaeKook lately? What specifically was the problem? Their response was the distance seen in the J-Hope #2 video was the icing on the cake. They mentioned a TaeKook site said Jungkook smiled at Taehyung all throughout the video. They played the video back multiple times and didn’t see that at all. This person closely followed what other TaeKook analysts said and didn’t fact check it themselves to find later on the analysts weren’t accurate. The person said other TaeKook analysts made it seem like TaeKook has been disagreeing lately and Jungkook was spending time with Jimin as if Jimin was trying to take advantage of the situation. When the person found some of the clips the analysts used for their videos, they found that Jungkook was making a clear choice to become closing to Jimin. Jungkook was initiating many of their public interactions. The person said, “What I saw in Jungkook how he was treating Jimin did not make sense if he’s in love and in a relationship with Taehyung. It doesn’t add up.”

It is not my place to tell someone what to believe. I present things as I see them. The person asked me what I thought the cause of the distance was? This is just my opinion, but I said previously that once a member is no longer single, any ships regarding that members are fake no matter how real it might seem. It’s a game changer. That is when shipping becomes problematic, IMO, because it goes against the morals and ethics of the average person when it comes to romantic relationships.

Have you ever been in a relationship? If not, think of a couple you admire and respect. I’ll call them A & B. If A & B are a couple, there are actions that would be inappropriate to do with others. Let’s take this example: AB are out with friends and bump into close friend C, who decides to randomly play with B’s hair for a couple of minutes completely messing it up and seeming to become lost in the moment. Or decided to grab B’s butt. Play with B’s ear. Add on top of that, because it is done in public, it causes people to falsely assume BC are a couple, not AB. How would you feel if you were A? How would you feel if you were B? What if you told C to stop and it kept happening? What would you do? How would you feel if you were C?

Replace AB with JiKook and C being Taehyung. You see my point? There are videos where you can see all three of them getting annoyed with each other and it’s just these three. J-Hope’s #2 video is proof of that. Jin and RM came together and made an excuse for Suga because they honestly thought he wouldn’t show up. That’s 4/7, leaving Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung. This wasn’t live video, it was edited so they wanted fans to realize the rift between the three because they could have easily edited out the part when Jin and RM makes an excuse for Suga as the editor knew Suga eventually showed up. They could have easily edited out Taehyung’s exit and kept in his parting words. They opted not to.

I don’t know 100% this is the problem between them but I can’t see how it couldn’t become one. When Taehyung randomly plays with Jungkook’s hair, for example, it causes a large portion of the TaeKook shippers to call it a moment and confirm their ship as real. We aren’t talking about a small amount of people. Hundreds of thousands if not a million or two. That’s a lot of people being misled if JiKook is the real couple (or there isn’t one or it is someone else). TaeKook shippers have complained about Taehyung and Jungkook being separated and they are correct. They have been. They aren’t making it up or imagining things. There are many times when Taehyung is interrupted from doing an action that would be inappropriate if Jungkook wasn’t single. An action that clearly is annoying Jimin or making Jungkook feel uncomfortable. Let’s talk about one: Run episode 35 at 27:33.

In the first image, taken a few minutes before the problem happened, everyone was fine. Jimin is smiling. There are a lot of cuts in this segment. In the second picture, you can see their positions changed and Taehyung started playing with Jungkook’s hair. There is a lot of “no” in this action.

1) At least in the US, you don’t play with hair around open food. Hair flies and you don’t want hair going into your food. We wear hair nets around food for a reason.

2) Unless it is in the script, it is disrespectful to the stylist that did Jungkook’s hair. They often shoot more than one episode in a day so that is extra work for the stylist if it is not in the script. Based on the action of stopping it, it doesn’t seem to be scripted. Do you like extra work at your job, especially if there isn’t extra money?

3) You can see Jimin stopped smiling. He wouldn’t look up. Jungkook, at this time, is fine because this happens all the time but he’s also said he’s greedy and selfish at times, things he’s been working on fixing. Considering all the jealous moments, it is clear if the situation were reversed and it was Jimin’s hair being played with, he wouldn’t like it.

In the third picture, Jungkook realizes Jimin is upset and understands why, but he’s stuck. If he moved, it would bring more attention to the situation and Jungkook has learned the hard way that soothing a pissed Jimin is best done off-camera. He stops smiling. RM realizes the tension, and walks across the room and he successfully stops it. In the free video, RM appears there and the editor made note of him moving and he said, “It takes some time for a man to mature”. In the behind the scenes you can see what happened and what caused RM to say that. They opted to not only leave the moment in, but show where clearly the three are not on the same page.

In the fourth image, they said goodbye and Jimin (who is still not smiling) is the first to leave. Episode 36, guess who was on the same team?

I have not seen where Jungkook was interrupted from doing anything with Taehyung. If there are moments like this, please share them with me as I want to know and I will edit the article (or make a new one) to reflect those moments.

The tension seen in J-Hope’s #2 video has been building up for quite a while. TaeKook shippers have been pointing it out, off and on, since late 2015 when it is suspected that JiKook became a thing. The trio will get past things and have been taking healthy steps to resolve it. Taehyung has been hanging out with other friends than Jungkook, which is good. Jungkook and Taehyung went out together, Jimin took him out with Kai.

Why Can’t TaeKook Be The “Real” Couple?

Okay, let’s look at it from a TaeKook standpoint. If Taehyung and Jungkook are a couple, Jungkook’s personality completely changed and he’s a horrifically bad boyfriend. There are so many things that would be hard to explain, for example Jimin and Jungkook going to Japan together. Why didn’t he take Taehyung? Sure, friends travel together but they don’t make videos like Jungkook made. G.C.F. in Tokyo is a work of art all about Jimin. The smallest details are included like, for example, the video ending in 3:33 which is Jimin’s number or showing Jimin ate well. They keep taking about their trip as it seems to be very important to them. Out of all the times they’ve been to Japan, Jungkook’s favorite thing was watching Jimin play on his phone and they overslept.

Why is Jungkook consistently following Jimin around? JiKook’s laugh and movements have become the same…why? Why isn’t Jungkook hanging out with Taehyung and his friends if they are a couple? Why did Jungkook sneakily say to Jimin that he predicted that he’d be his future boyfriend? Let me stop you. Yes he did say that because he turned around and asked for an apartment, which means taking things to the next level, with Taehyung right there. A cruel action if TaeKook was a couple, even for fan service.

It was in Rolling Stone that Jimin grabbed his butt and let’s not forget JiKook being on the LGBT unicorn. The 4th Muster they wore matching rings on their left hand, and Jungkook made sure that everyone saw it because he put his arm around Jimin at a time their hands would be next to each other and they were the focal point of the song at that point. This isn’t the first time they’ve done matching rings.

Jungkook only gave Jimin a birthday gift. This came out during a festa and the members agreed this is true so it is a fact, not an assumption. It came out that Jungkook has matured and has become generous giving things he no longer wants or needs to the others and that is like getting a gift. They said they do not want gift giving to be mandatory, give the gift because it’s from the heart not what is expected. This is a very healthy attitude to have. So I ask, how would you feel if your significant other only gave one birthday in a particular year and it wasn’t you? Be honest.

The most damning and unexplained thing is how Jimin and Jungkook know how to touch each other sensually to trigger an unconscious response. Jimin has demonstrated multiple times that he knows exactly how to hit MULTIPLE spots on Jungkook’s neck that turns Jungkook into goo. Meanwhile, Taehyung can touch those exact same areas and Jungkook has zero response. Before someone goes there saying Taehyung wasn’t trying to, there are times when his actions are questionable. When Taehyung started rubbing outside of Jungkook’s shirt and moved his fingers inside his shirt. That is not a platonic action but it still received no response from Jungkook. For Jimin to be able to do this, it requires a level of intimacy and desire that isn’t platonic. Jimin knows how Jungkook’s butt feels so well that he can tell it is his blindfolded. Jungkook has proved he knows how to tease Jimin, sensually, to the point Jimin becomes flustered.

I could go on and on. These things simply don’t happen consistently with Taehyung. It’s not that I’m trying to make JiKook into a thing. I didn’t come close to listing all the things that make it improbably for TaeKook to be a couple but just with what I listed, that’s a lot of explaining, justifying, frustration, annoyance, etc. to tolerate and eventually it overflows into problematic behavior because, they believe their ship is real and none of the above should be happening with Jimin if Jungkook is in love with Taehyung.

Which leads us back to the J-Hope #2 video. If TaeKook is a couple, why does Jungkook have things that need to be done with Jimin that late at night? Why did they leave together? They enjoyed lamb skewers on the 24th, what did Taehyung eat?

JiKook acts like a couple. TaeKook doesn’t. Jungkook’s consistent actions always lead back to Jimin. That either the narrative Big Hit wants to tell or…

Note: this problem occurs the moment one of them starts dating. It doesn’t matter if the member is dating inside or outside the group. If the member is not single, it is inappropriate and disrespectful to ship that member with anyone else than the person they are with. Fan service doesn’t work that way, does it? While viewers and fans might not know who their significant others are, the members of the group definitely do as well as the significant others, their families, etc. Personally, I could care less who any of them are with romantically. Let Jungkook announce he’s happily in love with a girl and watch me be happily cheer him but I would be lying if I didn’t mention I would be disappointed that Big Hit ended up being Dispatch like with their manipulations.

It Will Be Okay

Whatever the three of them are going through isn’t anything new. People go through it all the time and gain wisdom through the experience. Taehyung is growing up and defining himself. They all are. The group dynamics have changed and everyone had to adjust to that. In a few weeks, they will be in Japan and interactions will probably be back to a new normal of balance so all ships can sail in a brotherly way. After that is comeback time and they will be busy, which is a good distraction.

At the end of the day, they deserve the freedom to love who they want without prejudice or discrimination. Their choice deserves to be respected. Their feelings are important and deserve to be acknowledged. Whomever they are with, or if they are with no one, I want them to be happy. I hope this comeback will take them closer to unraveling the personas so they can be their true selves.