Tao and SM Entertainment Hold Third Plea Hearing Over Contract Nullification Lawsuit

Legal reps for South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment met with the legal team representing Chinese singer/rapper Tao (Huang Zi Tao) for a third plea hearing.

The two teams met on Friday, January 22 to discuss the validity of Tao’s exclusive contract with the company, but were unable to reach an agreement.

Tao’s legal team claimed that SM failed to submit the relevant documents related to his ongoing lawsuit that they had requested previously. These documents include the contract, calculations on salary, detailed schedules, etc.

The next plea hearing will take place sometime in March.

Tao debuted as a member of SM’s South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO in 2011 and had been with the group for three years.

His relationship with the K-Pop music label began to deteriorate last February after suffering a torn ligament in his ankle, an injury SM allegedly failed to treat properly.

Last April, Tao’s father posted a letter on Weibo expressing his desire for his son to break his contract with SM and return to China. Tao agreed to discuss having his contract nullified a couple of days later and officially filed a lawsuit against the company last August.

Tao is the third Chinese member to leave EXO. Kris Wu and Luhan filed their own lawsuits against SM in 2014.

SM has filed several lawsuits against the three former members for starting solo careers in China while still technically signed to the agency.

(cr. BaiduTaoBar)