Tao Releases “The Road” Album and a Music Documentary

Well, this is a surprise! Chinese singer Tao finally released his first studio album, The Road on August 22. I haven’t been following Tao much lately, so I wasn’t expecting this. Especially since it’s been pushed backed a couple of times. I think it was originally suppose to come out in April, then I read somewhere that it was suppose to drop in July…the point is the album’s finally out.

The Road has a total of seven songs, including new tracks “Adore” and “Mystery Girl”. A special, limited edition of the physical album has 2 CDs which includes songs from Tao’s two mini albums from last year and 1 DVD.  Only 8,888 copies of The Road were made (really Tao?), and sold out within 30 minutes on YinYueTei (last I heard, some copies were still available on Jingdong).

No word yet if a standard version of The Road will be come out soon or if it will be released internationally. But thankfully, the digital version of the album is available for download for free on Kugou and Kuwu.

On the same day, Tao released a documentary discussing the creative process behind The Road. There’s also behind-the-scenes footage from Tao’s music videos for “The Road“, “Hello, Hello” and “Black White (AB)“.