A-List shuffle

I read Dave Winer’s post about Chris Nolan (she said he’s stingy with links) and Dave responded he doesn’t think he is. I don’t care about that:its point #4 that I’m interested in:

If you want something read by his readers send an email with a link.

People still email with a link? That’s what Technorati and PubSub are for, to alert a blogger when they’re being spoken about. A lot of bloggers don’t want to be emailed every time they are written about. Can you imagine how much email Robert Scoble would receive if he was sent an email each and every time? I honestly never would have thought of sending an email informing a blogger about a post (and yes, I emailed him a link).

There has been a surge of conversations about there being a shortage of minority and female bloggers. The shortage of female bloggers is a bunch of bull. There are millions of female bloggers it’s not our fault you don’t realize they are there. I am often mistaken for a white male. I’m the complete opposite. That’s not my fault anyone leapt to that conclusion. It’s the fault of the person who has the preconceived idea. Want to know a secret? For many people, even if they had a picture of themselves on the front page of their site, you’d still guess the race wrong.

Back to the female bloggers. It’s disturbing to me that these A-List female bloggers don’t realize how many there are. The sad thing is that women bloggers are one of the top fighters for charitable organizations. Blogathon – mostly women behind it. Boobiethon – yes, there aren’t many male chests there – it’s women, offering pictures of their boobies and donating time and money for an excellent cause – breast cancer. There are blog meetups, some women bloggers actually take vacations together. Where have these two females been that questioned how many female bloggers there are? Oh yeah, attending male dominated conferences.

What I find extremely amusing is that Chris (and others) does exactly what she accused Dave of:

Even though the “blogosphere” has gotten much larger, most of these men are still reading the guys they started out with three years ago., linking to them and talking among themselves.

Yeah, tha’s funny. If the people who started this conversation actually expanded their blog roll before this conversation started they’d realize there are way more women and minority bloggers than they realize.

In politics when the people at the top with the power are no longer aware of what is really going on, it’s time for a change. Those people are removed from duty (or we want them to be) and they are replaced with people who better represent the people. Imagine how we (meaning minorities and women) feel when we’re right here, being linked by people, joining in the conversation and it’s like we’re ignored by the very people who brought up the bull in the first place? It wasn’t the white males who broke it up – they were minding their own business. It was a black male and two white women. How ironic is that?

I think it’s time for an A-List shuffle. Either get with the program or it’s time to be replaced. There are literally millions of female blogs. In the personal sector there might be more women blogging than men. There are women who created businesses around blogging and 80% of their clients are women. Baby blogs are wildly popular, mostly written by women.

In the business sector there is a shortage but it’s in proportion with real statistics. The business sector is dominated by white males so it makes sense that the majority of business bloggers are white males. According to the 2000 Census report, the white population accounts for 77% of the total population. Unless that number drops expect the diversity numbers to be low, ok?

But we’re here. Stop ignoring us, and please don’t make us charity cases and find our blogs because you need to lift numbers. Don’t link to us because you feel guilty you’ve been ignoring us for so long. Link to us because you enjoy reading our blogs. Link to us because you feel we have something interesting to say. Seek us out because you want to expand your blog roll not raise numbers.

Race shouldn’t matter when you are reading their blog. Their ethics matter. Their morals matter. Their honesty matters. Their integrity matters. Their ability to communicate matters. Why should their race matter, especially since the odds of you guessing it correctly is minimal depending on the race? When will it stop being about race? The internet is the most color blind tool there is – don’t try to change that. You can’t.

On another note I want to commend Robert Scoble because on a daily basis he sees who is writing about him, he responds and interacts with people. He has more of a realistic idea of what is really going on. He will read a blog that is not on his blogroll, he will link to a blog because he found worth in what was written. He doesn’t seek out new blogs for any other reason than he wants to keep up with what that blogger is saying. I wish more of the A-List bloggers were like him and I hope they open their eyes and learn from you.