An Unexpected Lesson

The Wolf Among Us 2 is coming! Telltale’s situation reminded me of a lesson I want to bring into 2020.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Epic Games giving away a copy of The Wolf Among Us. I thought that game was gone forever. Unfortunately, Telltale went through tough times and closed. A lot of the games they made disappeared. I wrote The Wolf Among Us off as a lesson learned. Don’t take tomorrow for granted…not that I don’t have other instances that taught me that lesson but you know how it goes. 

When I saw it on Epic, for free no less, I quickly grabbed it. Ecstatically happy, I felt so blessed. It’s one of the games I felt would be good for a sequel because it is based on fables. The fables can change each sequel and not run into story flow problems The Walking Dead ran into.

Imagine my surprise when, a couple of days later, I saw a trailer saying there is going to be a sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2! It looks like Bigby and Snow White are back, with Snow changing her mind on what she wants from Bigby. I’m curious on what they come up with. I learned Telltale reopened in August 2019 under new management, having purchased The Wolf Among Us and the Batman licenses. It’s good to see the Telltale brand alive and I hope their new releases are successful.

Our differences are what make us all diverse but one thing we all have in common: we all, eventually, will fall. It’s a part of life. As humans, we make mistakes or things go sideways making you wonder how things got the way they are now? 

Don’t let it break you. Rise!  

Learn a lesson on how and why things happened and how you, armed with wisdom now, overcome the hurdles. Be honest with yourself. Be accountable. If you messed up, you messed up. You’re alive so you’re meant to overcome it.   

Then move on, wiser and stronger.  

Happiness isn’t something that just comes to you…it’s something you create. Just like the new Telltale games have a canvas in which they can create a great game, you have a canvas where you can create your own happiness. Bad things happen but you can make changes in your life so that this time next year, what you’ll remember and what will overshadow the bad things…are all the happy memories you created.

2019 wasn’t “bad” for me. It was eye-opening…a year of truth. I’m taking my own advice. I realized how much I was holding myself back and I’m smiling right now because I can see how much I’ve changed. The people that used to frustrate or hurt me don’t bother me anymore. A lot of the pain that I used to feel, that I didn’t realize I was holding on to, I let it go. I still have areas to improve on, and 2020 is going to be a wild ride, but it will be a year I love myself more to allow myself to be happy. I’m still figuring out what makes me happy but it’s a cool journey figuring it out.

If I can do it, so can you!  

This holiday season, next year and the years to come…be happy.  

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