AncestryDNA: Let’s Do This!

My AncestryDNA test is here. It’s time to continue the journey.

I’ve been posting on social media the Family Journey I’ve been on, starting in 2016. I realized, I should be writing about it here. Sometimes, it’s like I forget I have this space to express myself, and I’m blessed to have this space. To catch those up who might not have seen those social media posts:

  • I always knew I have a sibling. It was a point of disagreement between my father and I. He wouldn’t admit it, even when evidence of it kept dropping into my lap, but he knew I knew the truth. When I tried to bring the subject up to people on my father’s side of the family, they would not believe it but my mother’s side did, absolutely. This summer, my sister took an AncestryDNA test to find out her ethnicity and also found out we share the same father. The “secret” is out now, sort of. She’s cool. Her name is Tori.
  • I found out the reason why I wasn’t recuperating from the complications from the triple pneumonia was due to an Asian trait I didn’t know I had, which made the medicine I was taking incompatible for me. It is widely known not to work with Asians. The problem was I didn’t know I had the trait.
  • Through my sister’s DNA test, I’ve found cousins I did not know existed. I didn’t think there was much family left on my father’s side but I’m finding relatives and learning new things all the time. It’s been a blessing.
  • Progress on my family tree is going smoothly. I found some interesting discoveries, due to my sister’s DNA test, that are mind blowing. I am going to write about them separately. I have not disclosed them on social media either!
  • My mother’s side of the family tree is a huge brick wall. I stopped working on it, just like a couple of lines on my father’s side, because I need DNA to give me clues on an accurate direction to proceed.

I have changed a lot in 2016 as I discover myself. My morals and ethics haven’t changed, but I noticed my interests (or disinterests) have. I’m doing things I’ve never done before. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am talking to family (outside of my kids) daily now. I was withdrawn from family before, other than my parents and my older brother, but I became extremely reclusive after they all passed away. Now, for 2017, I see myself hiding less. 2016 was a year of truth for me. 2017 is the year I implement those truths…and rise.

Where ever this journey takes me, I’m ready. Let’s do it!

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