AncestryDNA: We Received Your DNA Sample

They received my DNA test. What next? Take their advice: work on my tree.

Today, I received an email from Ancestry saying they received my AncestryDNA test. For a timeline, I received the kit on 12/30/16. Mailed it back 12/31/16. I tracked the test and it arrived in Utah on 1/5/17. It said, via online tracking, the delivery date was 1/6/17 but the status never changed. I learned, by calling Ancestry on 1/9/17, the kit was delivered to the lab on the 6th but still had to be manually scanned into the system, which is why the status did not update. For security reasons, the USPS tracking never shows delivery information. I have no problem with this. I appreciate the extra security. I received excellent support as well. My phone call was 8 minutes in total and I received an answer to all my questions.

Receiving the email means my test has been manually scanned. Even though I received the email hours ago, the Ancestry website has not updated.

Keeping in mind I sent my test back during the holidays and it might be a peak time for them, it will be interesting to see how long the process takes from a “worse case” scenario. Outside of them having a sale, I would not be surprised if Christmas is one of their busiest times. They also had many promotional ads within the website to remind people their AncestryDNA test would make a great gift.

To pass the time, so I don’t go crazy refreshing the status page, I will work on my tree and share some of my findings with you. Ancestry, wisely, advises to work on the family tree and I agree. When the DNA test is complete, Ancestry will show you people you share DNA with. You will know these people are your relatives (DNA matches), but have no idea how unless you have matching entries on your trees (or you already know them or their family somehow). It is important to have an accurate tree, so I will be working on that in my spare time.

It’s funny: although I tried to prepare myself for any off the wall situation that might come up (because most people don’t think, when they take these tests, anything out of the ordinary will happen to them), I still feel like I’m going to discover something that will make my jaw drop. I can’t imagine what it is! Maybe I am semi-anxious because I know people who innocently found out things that made their head spin. Time will tell…or Tyme will tell. ?


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