Are you listening when God answers your prayers?

The guys were over this weekend. One of them met a girl a while ago in a game. They are on the same team, work well together, are pretty good friends, and they look forward to playing together. This weekend was a celebratory one and my old Pastor stopped by to visit. During his visit, my friend spoke to this girl for the first time…and you could feel the sparks fly between them. After they spoke my friend was blown away. He began to wonder if it was possible that his romantic match was this girl who lived in CA? The Pastor dropped some knowledge.

The Pastor said (this is not an exact quote) that people often ask God to answer their prayers but they try to tell Him “how” to answer the prayer (I want a soulmate that is X race, Y size, has ABC traits, or I want to be rich and this is how I want to make the money, etc.). Often God has given the person what he/she NEEDS to fulfill the request, but the person doesn’t realize it due to being blinded by their expectations. This girl might live in CA but she is a person he can easily resolve “problems” with – they have demonstrated it time and time again in games and advice given in real life. So why is her location REALLY an issue? God never promised his soulmate would live in the same city or state.

This is the fourth or fifth time this theme popped up this month. The gaming community is filled with happy couples who met online or have to relocate to be with their significant other. Example: Chinglish relocated from Australia to Canada to be with his girlfriend. Imagine how many people told him he was nuts yet, he’s happy being with the woman he loves, a new career, etc. Statistically, it is IMPOSSIBLE for everyone’s soulmate to be right around the corner.

It will be amusing watching my friend realize that he already loves this girl. The guys bought him several cases of his favorite beer because when he realizes it, he’s going to be paralyzed with fear at first. We’ll have his back.

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