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A-List shuffle

I read Dave Winer’s post about Chris Nolan (she said he’s stingy with links) and Dave responded he doesn’t think he is. I don’t care about that:its point #4 that I’m interested in: If you want something read by his…

My response to Prometheus 6

I want to respond a post made on Prometheus 6 blog. I'd respond there but as I mentioned before, signing in to comment is not my thing. The response is to my comment about niche blogs awards as a way to enter the main stream "delicately"

I found him!

I found him! I talked to him! He’s alive! I found him! Yeah, I’m happy…can you feel it? Oh…yeah Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Victory…sort of…

I’ve been looking for an old friend for a long time. To make a long story short, I was told he was dead and he isn’t. I was told he was still in the military and started searching for him.…


Many spouses got involved with people of the opposite sex online and did not think they were doing anything wrong. Seriously?