Being yourself

With the rise of social media sites, it can be easy to create a fake image of yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

I noticed a common thing on blogs and social media sites. People are afraid to be themselves due to some people reading their posts. Whether it is family members or vicious people – they feel they can no longer post personal items about themselves. Or they have to present an interesting life. One they aren’t living.

The honest truth is: the people posting vicious things on the internet are no different from the people saying vicious things behind their back. The only difference is now you know it. There are twisted crazy people in this world. Nothing you can do to change that. However, you should be true to yourself and not be afraid to be yourself.

I personally went through an experience like this (not due to a blog but it did prove how the Internet can make the world a very small place) and I know what it is like for your world to be turned upside down, everyone knows it, and everyone has an opinion about it – most times 100% opposite than what you are feeling. I know what it is like to have your family/friends find out things you rather they did not know – things you would have preferred be private.

The good thing about it is that situation became so damn public that I actually received emails from people (men and women) going through the same thing and guess what? We bonded together and we helped each other. The situation made my ex and I closer. We broke up much later, but we’re good friends…until the end.

So yeah, on one side it was hell, but I also met some really cool friends and we are a lot stronger for what we went through.

I am going to be myself. For too long I put making other people happy over making myself happy. One thing I learned from my brother’s death is that you may not have all the time you think you have. If someone doesn’t like what I say, fine – they have a right to their opinion. If it really pisses them off, they can leave.

I learned a valuable lesson years ago: people treat you the way you allow them to. There is nothing you can do to bring me down. Only I have the power to do that.

I refuse to give it away.

So for all of those people who had really bad experiences I sympathize for you. That’s from the heart. But please know that it wasn’t all for nothing. Newbies just starting to blog are learning from your experiences and are starting their blogs with their eyes open – making sure that their blogs start off in their comfort-zone. It was sad that these things happened and continue to happen – but please remember it was not a waste because whether you realize it or not, some good came out of it…to people you don’t even know.

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