Blast from the past

You will never guess who I heard from. I know, you won’t so hear it goes…

My brother’s girlfriend! Not my younger brother (does he have a girlfriend?). The older brother’s girlfriend (he’s deceased). As I mentioned before, I hadn’t been calling her because I felt I might be a reminder of my brother. You see, my brother died while holding her hand, walking down the street. One second he was laughing and the next he was on the ground. She said she thought he tripped and fell because he was still smiling. Gone, in a second.

Now me, I don’t know if I could take that very well. When I thought my fiancé died in Desert Storm I didn’t take that very well (but he’s not dead, I found him). Matter of fact I was a mess, and he was nowhere around. I can not imagine being with the man I love, holding his hand, talking about how we were going to move in together, and he drops dead….literally. In front of a hospital. With two nurses coming out of the building.

I hope there is an afterlife because if there is, I am kicking his ass over that one. I can still hear his voice saying “it wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

Anyway…due to the way my brother died, I could see if she wanted to forget that. Then her father died suddenly in the same year. Since I know what it is like to lose multiple people you love in the same year, I decided to back off and let things be.

But she called me and I almost dropped the phone I was so shocked and almost squealed in delight because I was so happy! She’s been through a lot, but she’s okay. We talked for almost two hours. See, she is the only girlfriend I can honestly say my brother had that I really liked. Then he died…I wonder if I will ever let that go? Not likely…

Anyway she called, we are going to keep in touch more…and I am so glad I heard from her.

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