BTS drops special “Euphoria” remix video dedicated to Jungkook

BTS drops a Jungkook-focused video for the piano remix of his solo track “Euphoria”

BTS has released a new remix of Jungkook’s solo song “Euphoria” for the group’s ten day, sixth year anniversary event, also called Festa.

The remix was produced by DJ Swivel, who co-wrote the original version of “Euphoria”, striping it down from a dance-pop song to a piano-led, orchestral ballad.

The group also released a special video for the song, comprised of behind the scenes footage of Jungkook over the past couple of years. The video is a reverse GCF — this time Jungkook is the focus, the main character, instead being behind the camera filming everyone else. It’s a very touching tribute that may make you tear up a bit. Check it out below:

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