BTS’ Jimin drops surprise solo song “Promise”

Jimin surprises everyone by releasing his first official solo song.

On December 31, 2018, BTS’ Jimin decided to release a new solo song titled “약속 (Promise)”, shortly after midnight KST.

The song is a beautiful, soulful acoustic ballad that co-composed by Jimin and Slow Rabbit, while the lyrics were written by Jimin and RM.

“Promise” is the first solo song that Jimin has released that isn’t attached to a BTS album. His first solo track “Lie” was featured in the group’s 2016 album Wings, and “Serendipity” was used as the intro for 2017’s Love Yourself: Her, with an extended version being included on 2018’s Love Yourself: Answer.

The song was released for free on Soundcloud, which I think is pretty cool. He didn’t release the song to break streaming records or rank on music charts. Jimin is just doing what he loves — singing and making music — and he’s sharing the end result with the world.

And despite all of that, Jimin still managed to break a couple of records. “Promise” achieved 8.5 million streams within the first 24 hours of its release. It even managed to beat Drake’s Soundcloud record.