BTS performs “Boy With Luv” & “Mic Drop” on SNL

BTS made their historic debut as musical guests on SNL this weekend.

BTS made history by becoming the first Korean group to appear on Saturday Night Live as musical guests on April 13.

BTS performed their new single “Boy With Luv” and “Mic Drop (Remix)”, with critics praising their SNL debut as being the highlight of the entire episode (sorry guest host Emma Stone).

Performing on SNL is a serious undertaking — the stage is real small, sound issues are a problem. Everything is live so anything can happen. There’s a lot of weight being a musical guest on SNL, and a bad performance on the show can actually ruin an artist’s career. Thankfully, BTS did a great job and managed to put on a fun and energetic show. The live band version of “Boy With Luv” was pretty good. I’m glad they did the dance break version of “Mic Drop”.

For those interested in seeing BTS live, they’ll be performing with Halsey at the Billboard Music Awards May 1st. After that, they’ll kick off their stadium world tour at the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA May 4th.

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