Coincidence: A Rhyme

I don’t understand the deal
On hiding what you feel
Not like it makes it any less real
Odd how the instinct is to conceal
Instead of reveal

No, really it’s a coincidence
This isn’t belligerence
Said with confidence
Sincerity to convince
Like you can’t tell the difference

Ok, if that’s what you say
Said with much dismay
Continue to push away
And betray
Watch everything decay

I give up. You win
No hard feelings, no chagrin
No playing the violin
Not digging from within
Thinking of what could have been

I guess you think you’re being wise
The reward wasn’t a big enough prize
Maybe you can advise
How does one get over all those lies?
I wonder if you could have told them looking into my eyes.

Perhaps if you told the truth
We could have sat in a booth
Drank some vermouth
And with innocence of youth
Explored it like a sleuth

Oh well, life goes on
Painted on the canvas it was drawn
Growing like a green lawn
With the beauty of a swan
Eventually talking the pain away until it’s gone

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