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A friend of mine asked me why I don’t “get into” the connect services. You know like Yahoo, Hi5, LinkedIn – those types of services where I am connected to who I know and people can view who I know and contact who I know…those types of services. Nope, not into them. Why…besides it’s none of your business who I know (LOL)? I had a bad experience….

See, years ago I put a picture of myself online, on AOL matter of fact (everyone was doing it because AOL was big back then) and the worst possible thing (ok maybe not the worst) happened. Several people decided to be me (okay more than several) and man, did that cause some headaches. Men where talking to women who thought was me, but it wasn’t and was irked when they came across me and my then fiance, so I had to prove I was me. Men were pretending to be women (yeah me). And let’s not forget the wives who thought their husbands was doing stuff behind their backs with me…and it wasn’t me. For a while I felt like I was on Jerry Springer – and I detested it. Getting the picture taken off AOL was a pain. The worst part was that people who knew me ended up being sucked in because…well, they knew me. All that headache over a plain picture. And it took months to get it all straightened out. Between that and stalkers coming to my home I was done with the “connecting” thing.

So yeah, I’m shy about pictures and openly “connecting” to people. I’m getting over it because one should not let one bad experience (ok several bad experiences) rule their life, right? But when I see some of the stuff people put on their profiles I ponder if I want to be publicly connected to them. If I accept some and deny others – then it will cause issues, ya know what i mean?

Sometimes it is best to be neutral – meaning don’t publicly “connect” to anyone. Less drama that way. And when I say “connect” I am talking about personal sites more than business purposes where people do not seem to think about the personal impression they are making.

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