Dear Kanye, shut up. Thanks. Appreciate it.

I purposely waited a week to write this because I wanted to see if I felt the same way after some time passed. I do. Listening to your complete breakdown at the VMA’s (not safe for work), it became clear you need to be slapped back into reality.

  • You have a #1 selling CD right now. Is that enough? No.
  • You are/were respected as an artist. Is that enough? No.
  • You were at the VMA’s and did perform – something many artists would love the opportunity to do. Is that enough? No.
  • You’re wealthy and healthy. Is that enough? No.
  • You have won many awards. Is that enough? No.

Instead, you pulled the race card. Lettin’ a black man down. A black man that’s at the top is being held down. I lost all my respect for you because you’ve crossed the line from appreciative to greed.

I don’t agree with MTV’s decision to put Britney on first but I do understand the business logic behind it. Yes, it sucks to realize that Britney in her pathetic state can pull in more viewers than you on a good day but that’s the way it is. People were hoping for her, praying for her (or were waiting for her to mess up) and it was her chance. She blew the chance.

You’ve lost all sense of professionalism. You’re coming off like an extremely privileged whiny bitch. Sorry, no other way to say it. Your whining stands out more than your accomplishments these days. Why you would feel so strongly about performing for MTV, which sucks, is beyond me. I thought you would realize you’re better than that…well, you were better than that. Guess you’re not since you’re whining about it.

Congrats on the #1 selling CD. It would be interesting to know how many bought your CD just to see if 50 Cent retires. Would you be #1 if your little competition wasn’t going on? You’ll never know.