Diablo 3: Still fun even with a crappy launch

You’d think Blizzard, an experienced gaming company, could have a smooth launch. Not this time.

Diablo 2 was released June 29, 2000. Finally, after the longest wait ever, Diablo 3 was released May 15, 2012. Was it worth the wait? So far, I have to say yes. Was it a smooth launch? No…not even close.

The launch was horrible – no one could log in. Blizzard opted to have everyone log in at the same time – they could have staggered it to reduce stress on the servers. They had other options to make launch smoother….they opted not to do that so I hold them responsible for the crappy launch. For those saying it is naive…how would you have felt if you went to surf the internet and your internet connect was crappy because so many people were logged on at an unusual time trying to play a game, stream the game, etc.? I didn’t rage or anything but I was sympathetic to those who were frustrated because Blizzard encouraged people to log in at midnight PST.

Anyway…I’m enjoying the game. I love the combat playing the Wizard. The game looks good. I won’t be doing a full let’s play of it but I’ll share interesting things that happen in the game. And I might stream it along with EVE on Twitch.TV

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