Do what you’re passionate about. Maybe not.

In my personal experience, when I am working on something I am passionate about, I excel much better than if I’m just “going through the motions” mainly because when I’m passionate about something I’m dedicated but more importantly thorough. To every positive there is a negative (theoretically) and for those that excel doing something they are passionate about there are people who are the opposite. People who work at something they are passionate about can be a bad idea, if the person is unable to detach their personal feelings (passion) to make the right decisions. Last weekend I went to a club and the business owner suffers from being so passionate about his club he made a ton of bad mistakes rushing to reach unrealistic goals.

  • Unrealistic perception of his club – to him, the club was the bomb. To everyone else, it was inadequate in comparison to the other clubs in the area.
  • Because he was leading his decisions by his emotions he was irrational to talk to. He only saw things through his own eyes and did not properly consider the people coming to the club nor the vendors that would need to work with the club.
  • Anxious and excited to open the doors he took shortcuts that are impacting his business now.

A person that is ruled by emotion more than objective thinking doesn’t tend to do too well in business. How did the opening weekend go? Opened with almost everyone leaving early to go the next best spot.

What Happens Offline Happens Online Too

Ever came across a site that was overly pink? I pulled a random color so feel free to replace pink with a horrible color combination, bad fonts, etc. MySpace pages are an excellent example of a person having so much passion for their profile they put so many moving, blinking, and color clashing items on the profile it takes a determined person to read the profile, let alone come back. If you notice on those profiles the people who comment and interact with the profile owner are people that admire, know, like (ie: are passionate) about the profile owner. Just about anything could be on the profile and those users would accept it because they are “into” the profile owner.

Unfortunately outside of social sites, that analogy doesn’t work as well and can fall flat on social sites if the person isn’t social. I think we can all think of sites that wanted traffic, received it and couldn’t handle the load. Why ask for the traffic without the proper hardware/software in place? Think about that – if the site owner wants millions of people on the site is the excuse, “we didn’t anticipate…” a valid excuse?

Most times not.

This happens all the time. Person wants comments but doesn’t have the time to interact with people. Or has crappy hosting that couldn’t support that type of interaction in the first place. Site owner wants traffic but again, has crappy hosting or worse a zillion widgets on the site to slow it down to a crawl on a good day. Oh wait…they want the traffic to monetize the site but does the person have the contacts to get the ads or are companies supposed to pick their site out of the blue instead of the hundreds of other sites that have a lot of traffic to give them their money?

Be careful what you ask for.

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