Epik High drops epic music video for “Lovedrunk” (feat. Crush)

Epik High is gunning for best music video of 2019 with a martial arts-themed MV starring IU and Jin Seo Yeon.

South Korean hip-hop trio Epik High is back with their highly anticipated EP , sleepless in _____. The mini album is their first release since We’ve Done Something Wonderful dropped back in October 2017.

The title track, “Lovedrunk” is an emotional, old-school hip hop track that features R&B singer Crush. The lyrics talk about experiencing pain from a break-up and turning to alcohol to cope.

The music video for “Lovedrunk” was directed by director Park Bae Jong ( he directed “Welcome to Dongmakgol”) and stars IU and actor Jin Seo Yeon. The video portrays IU and Seo Yeon as martial artists with a fight scene that is beautifully choreographed. It’s probably one of the best K-Pop MVs of 2019 so far.

Check out the music video for “Lovedrunk” below!

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