EVE Online Winter Update and Spring Expansion Details

EVE Vegas is over and details were released about the update coming this winter and the expansion coming in the spring. For the first time in awhile, I feel like playing EVE again.

EVE Vegas is over and details were released about the update coming this winter and the expansion coming in the spring. CCP first talked about the possibility of players being able to purchase skill points. In the dev blog, they make good points, explaining the reasons why I (and many others) would never purchase a character from the bazaar. It’s a mechanic that can be improved. What they propose isn’t bad. Theoretically, if people didn’t have a problem with players buying high skilled characters, why have a problem with buying skills – as long as it doesn’t threaten the veteran players. Now is the time…if you love it, hate it, make your voice known.

With that out of the way…citadels!!!! Yes, they talked about some technical stuff and I will link to the video so you can listen to it yourself but, come on…CITADELS!!

Wow, they look good don’t they? VERY expensive. Using current market prices, the cost to build the hull of the medium citadel is 608M. The large 7B and the extra large 70B. I saw some comments saying those prices were too cheap. The thing to keep in mind, these prices will probably go up as the expansion approaches. Start saving and getting things NOW!!! Because….

It’s at this moment that I realized I was looking at EVE all wrong. As a new player I was told EVE was a “dark and scary place” and the focus was on scamming, which cannot be done in other games. So I was like, okay, whatever, I’ll be smart. What I didn’t “get” was how very true this statement is: what can be build MUST be destroyed. Not “could” be destroyed. In essence, players WILL lose things and you’re in the wrong game if you expect not too.

And that’s not a bad thing, it’s awesome because there aren’t games like EVE. It’s what sets it apart. I replayed that clip of the citadel blowing up because it’s sexy…almost fappable. It’s beautiful…ly tragic that a beautiful structure like that was blown up and people lost their stuff but…

Life goes on.

I think new players need to see that statement instead of “It’s a dark and scary place” so they have a true understanding, even if that means they elect not to play the game…which equals less butt hurt in the long run. I admit it, I was playing EVE ALL wrong because I became attached to the things I received as gifts from players and the things I worked hard to get. Let’s think about this: these people were looking forward to blowing up and LOSING 70B+ ISK structures and I was annoyed when I couldn’t fight back in my mining ship. I say this all the time, “Would you like some cheese with your whine” and my own words have bitch slapped me. I think it’s time to properly educate new players what’s up.

I’m not the target audience for this expansion (as I rarely went to null sec), but I’m excited for it. What I saw made me want to go, for the first time in years. I’ve been saying for a long time null needed some love and they are getting it. They’ve earned it and I look forward to watching the glorious battles coming in the future. Are you excited about the new features but more important…did you realize what can be made must be destroyed? I get it now CCP and it’s awesome.

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