Family Tree Update 20170822

I strive to make my family tree as accurate as possible. I was shocked that both Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic do not handle source citations, by default, according to standard. You can make it work, but it takes work and knowledge.

I use both Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic to work on the family tree. I was stunned to find out that both programs do not handle source citations according to standard. It’s been bugging me that the source citations are not accurate.

After talking to my cousin Vivian last night, I decided I have to fix them before I drive myself nuts. Accuracy in my family tree is important to me. My tree is not perfect but when I know something is inaccurate, I have to fix it. I decided it would be better to fix it while there are 2400 people in my tree than later. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to organize all these sources I downloaded to properly attach them.

I might add a couple hundred people in the next day or so to get Ancestry’s algorithms going, and I will continue researching (I have tons of notes and books to read…that White line…), but I need to take the time to fix these citations.

And I need to track down how our South Carolina Morrisons connect with Alabama and Mississippi Morrisons I DNA connect with.

The Summers line: I need to thoroughly look through things I have here because I think I have information on Lenora Summers’ siblings that aren’t online that would help with the search.

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