Family Tree Update – 20171120

I cannot put into words how happy it makes me when I receive a new AncestryDNA match and I already know, approximately, where their place on the tree is.

My AncestryDNA matches have been poppin’ the past couple of weeks. Tonight (this morning) my jaw dropped when I saw a 4th cousin match that I kinda knew exactly who she was.

She’s a first cousin a couple of times removed. The niece of my great-grandmother. I wish my grandmother Vivian was alive so I could tell her. She was very close with her mother. Without these tools, it would be so hard for families to reconnect.

On my maternal side, I spoke to my cousin that is a Summers. It was a moving conversation, I teared up a couple of times. Sharing information, we both learned some things.

Of course, now I am too excited to sleep.


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