Family Tree Update 20180102

I label all of my DNA matches. I’m glad I take the time to do that because it allows me to spot instances like this: when family lines cross.

My paternal and maternal lines are crossing. These are the amount of people I’ve identified which family line they belong to (I still have to figure out how exactly the connect):

Bergeon – 376
White – 154
Summers – 26
Meredith – 20
Paternal (still have to identify) – 1512

The Morrison line I had parked because I was confused. It’s a maternal line with paternal matches (my sister Tori matches some of them). It’s the Bergeon line…it’s everywhere! DNA is showing the effects of slave trading. 🙁

The Turk line…I think I might need a Turk to share their DNA matches with me (when I’m ready) so I can analyze them. There is a non-paternal event somewhere or a name change which makes it hard to pin down.

Fraziers: I’ve just started working with this one. I haven’t put it in my tree yet, but I found one marriage between the Whites and Fraziers. There is another with my cousin Kevin. I have a cousin who is a Frazier getting their test results soon. As soon as they come in, I’m dropping everything to see what I can figure out.

I still have lots to do with my DNA matches but I’m making progress!

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