Family Tree Update – 20180217

I’ve been working on the maternal side of my family tree lately. I recently added 200 people to my tree. Genealogy requires patience.

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet lately but I’ve been (quietly) working on the tree. I’ve expanded it by about 200 people since the last update. Let’s go:

White line: I haven’t added anyone to the tree yet. I am still marking my matches and they are still coming in strong. As I get more AncestryDNA matches I am able to better identify matches. I mentioned this line crosses with my other paternal line, the Bergeon line.

Bergeon line: This line continues to be a beast and it crosses into my other paternal line (White) and my maternal lines. Working on my maternal line, I’ve started to figure this out a bit. I’ve made a breakthrough but I haven’t done anything with it yet.

Meredith line: This line is starting to take form as I’m starting to identify DNA matches for it. The DNA matches I am about to contact are on the tree but other than that, I haven’t worked with it outside of identifying matches.

Summers and my maternal grandfather line: This is where I’ve been spending the most of my time lately and where the 200 additions to the tree came from. I had a hard time determining matches on my maternal side and I figured out why. It seems that my 2x great grandmother married a Summers but he passed away right after my great-grandmother was born. That means the siblings born after her have a different father(s) than my great-grandmother. Now I know why I bumped into a brick wall. I have to go back over the information I have for them and then check DNA matches for hints.

Meanwhile, I have two DNA matches that could be maternal grandfather matches, which could give me clues on the Turk line. At first, I thought they were Summers (somehow due to location) but the DNA amounts don’t match up with where they would have to be on the tree (that I can see so far). While I originally had no interest in taking a 23&Me DNA test, I think I should (only the DNA matching portion) because I know I have DNA matches there that might help me figure things out, especially the Bergeon line. I need all the help I can get with that line because it is a beast.

Either way, there is a lot of maternal family (Summers, Morrison, et al) still living in the south, especially South Carolina. I was quite surprised to find that out.

That’s it for now. I will make another update when I have more to share.

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