Family Tree Update – 20180402

My family tree has over 3000 people in it now. Slowly, I am making progress. Interesting: my maternal and paternal lines seem to share ancestors.

I don’t know where to begin. My family tree just tipped over 3000 people. I’ve been working on my maternal side. Finding out who my grandfather was fills in the blank spot in my tree and helps me understand some of the AncestryDNA matches I have. I think I figured out who my grandfather. I definitely figured out the family line. I have DNA matches that match me closely but don’t match anyone else. By filling out their trees (I did this on my own as I haven’t contacted them), I found common grandparents and everything matches DNA wise so, I think I figured it out.

I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

Anyway, about South Carolina: it seems my maternal grandfather’s side stayed in one county there. My maternal grandmother’s side (Summers, Morrison, et al) stayed in another county until they branched out. Getting that area properly documented makes it easier to spot a cross between family lines.

Which is exactly what happened. The Virginia Whites (who were white) settled in South Carolina. Working in South Carolina will help me figure out the White, Meredith and Bergeon lines as they cross into South Carolina.

Back to the maternal grandmother’s side: I have to go back through the Summers line because I’m pretty sure the Summers siblings have multiple fathers. And I am seeing the Summers line cross into my grandfather’s line who branched out to Georgia. I have a lot of family in Georgia. Who knew?

The Morrison line…haha, sigh, the DNA matches I have for the Morrisons don’t come out of South Carolina. They come out of Mississippi, and they match paternal DNA matches so…that’s a brick wall to unravel.

I’m making progress! The more documented my tree is, the easier it will be to match people. I contacted a DNA match on the Meredith side. I hope I hear from her.

That’s it. I hope I have another update soon. 🙂

Edit: I heard from her! Woot!!

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