Family Tree Update – 20180410

Sometimes it is hard to visualize how many grandparents we have. This image shows how many. This does not include cousins!

I have DNA confirmed my 3x great-grandfather in the Summers line. I received a AncestryDNA match yesterday and I spent some time figuring out the connection. Usually, DNA matches don’t have their tree filled out far enough to connect. The picture shows how many grandparents we have.

My tree is a DNA tree. DNA confirming a line means I know the line is accurate to a certain point. When I attempt to figure out how I DNA connect with someone, I am trying to see which grandparents we share in common. I am more confident working in lines I’ve DNA confirmed because I know they are correct. Also, keep in mind the screenshot does not include cousins – only grandparents.

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Family Tree Update – 20180429

I found out for sure, I am part Chinese. Paper is matching science. I also found out my ancestors were Chinese Jamaicans. And…I found out some of my ancestors were born into slavery but set free. This has been an emotional week for me.
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