Family Tree Update – 20180418

More progress on the family tree. This time I DNA confirmed a family line to the 1830s!

I received a AncestryDNA match that matched the surname Morrison. My jaw dropped. I filled out their tree on my account and I figured out how we are related! This newly found cousin is Pappa’s (Jerry) grandfather’s sister! You know what that means?

I have successfully DNA confirmed that family line back to 1830s! I’m so happy right now!

I have no idea what my DNA matches real name is, but they are properly placed on my family tree by their username. I haven’t contacted my new found cousin yet.

There is one caveat: the ancestor was born after slavery. The DNA amount between me and my new found cousin confirms that we are full 2nd cousin 2x removed cousins, meaning the parents I have on the family tree seem to be correct. However, there are siblings born before slavery was abolished. I am only marking the ancestor I know I DNA connect with as confirmed. It is very possible the other siblings are half-siblings.

Anyway, I have another surname added to the family tree. Maybe I have other matches I did not realize were apart of this line because the surname (Clark) was unfamiliar to me.

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