Family Tree Update: June 2017

A progress update on the my family tree. I’m making progress, but I still have tons of research and sourcing to do.

I’ve had some time to work on the family tree . First, let me explain: I want my tree to be a DNA tree (as far as it can be), not a paper trail tree. While I am mildly curious about what was supposed to have happened (paper) I am interested in what actually DID happen (DNA). I have been able to trace family back via my DNA to mid-1700s. That said, here’s where I am at so far:

There are currently 2066 people in the tree. My tree is currently private because I am still accurately sourcing things. I intend to make it public when it is more documented.

White line: The maternal side is a mystery but on the paternal side, I have ancestors on the tree through 1600s.

Bergeon line: The paternal side, I am still proving who Stephen Bergeon’s father was. I believe I have DNA matches to Stephen’s mother, who was from Senegal, but I’m still figuring it out.

Morrison line: This is an interesting line as it seems to initially cross with the Boone family (yes, Daniel Boone). My jaw dropped when my cousin David recently visited the Boone plantation because it seems there is a lot of history there. I’m DNA connecting with Morrisons but I’m trying to figure out how we connect. Our line comes from South Carolina, but I’m DNA connecting with some from Mississippi and Alabama. This is not unusual due to how slaves were bought/sold and separated.

Turk line: This is a complicated line. My mother and her brother Tommy Sr., it seems, were half-siblings. Jerrylean told me this and DNA proved it to be true. Before I got my DNA results, I figured out Tommy Sr.’s parents and siblings. I know it is correct because Tommy Jr. (the one that passed away in 1988) lived with them. The problem is: I can’t find anyone that DNA connects to that family. So I am going to plan B which is focus Tommy Sr.’s mother to see what I can find out.

While I will be working on other areas, my main priority is finding out who my grandfather was and whether my Uncle Tommy was a Turk. Without knowing that, I can’t really research that family lineage accurately.

That’s it for now. If you’ve taken an AncestryDNA test, please log in an check your matches. You might find some happy surprises. If you’ve taken a DNA test anywhere, please consider uploading your raw DNA to GEDmatch.

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