Father’s Day 2018

When you find, exactly what you need, when you need it. Words from your father, right before Father’s Day.

I’ve been swamped lately. I had a wonderful birthday, E3 happened, and there have been content releases/betas (work). It’s been busy. This time of year, people in my industry are in decision-making mode. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, or trying to do, except I’ve been somewhat lost. I’ve changed and little things like “what color should I make a work-related theme” results in a different answer than normal (or no answer) and I start doubting myself.

The other night, my father came to me in a dream telling me to go through the things in a drawer. I initially dismissed the dream because I’ve been organizing the house, looking for something specific and I KNEW it wasn’t in that drawer. The next night, I had another dream about him telling me to go through the drawer. I dismissed it until later on in the day (when I still hadn’t found what I was looking for) and I opened the drawer. There were a bunch of cards (I knew this) and this was one of them. I’d forgotten about THIS card.


This was the card I received on my birthday in 2004. My father died the next month. I’m not sure if my step-mother bought the card and he signed it or if he bought it but the envelope was written in his handwriting and the message…if my step-mother bought this, props to her. The message is exactly what I needed to hear in 2018. Good thing I listened and went through the drawer, huh? I read the message, tears came to my eyes and the words were extremely healing. I cannot describe it but it was what I needed. While I still haven’t found the item I’m looking for, the answers I was failing at getting started coming to me.

That card, with words I needed to hear, was sitting in a drawer in the table next to my bed since 2004. Everything in this card, all the symbolism and the words, makes sense in 2018.

Thank you Dad, for sending me this card. In 2018, it’s precious to me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!!

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