Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – Maint. is done. Can you play?

It is a “good” problem to have more customers than expected. The servers are coming online and Square Enix is working hard to resolve issues. They have closed sales until server stability has been obtained.

Today is the day all the problems are supposed to be resolved. As I am uploading this, the servers are coming online. People are reporting a queue instead of errors (progress!). Digital sales are not open yet. While this can be annoying, I respect their decision to hold off sales to focus on fixing problems first to ensure players have a smooth playing experience.

Update: As of April 2014, the game is running smoothly and expanded to the PS4 with positive reviews. Currently, my schedule is swamped for recording but I intend to get back in the game when things calm down. So many new releases!

It makes me feel good to report good news and progress. There is a lot of content in the game for players. You can play all the classes on one character as well as craft all the professions on one character. If you like the Final Fantasy franchise and like playing MMORPGs, A Realm Reborn is now a solid game to purchase for the PC, and the PS4.

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