Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn – Let’s do this!

A game with plenty of character customization options! As more games like this come out, it will become a standard for the genre. I can’t wait to get in the game!

I admit, I always enjoy a Final Fantasy cut scene. The intro for A Realm Reborn does not disappoint. Honestly, if Square Enix decided to release movies, I’d watch them. Happily.

The character creation options give the player a multitude of options to create a reasonably unique looking character. I never play small characters because I usually have camera problems with them but she is so cute, I could not resist. This footage was recorded during beta. The beta is running very smoothly, the game world is beautiful. I’m sure with YouTube’s compression my video is not doing it justice.

As a mini rant, I hope existing games find a way to implement better sliders to compete with the new games coming out. It is bad enough older graphics have to compete with new ones graphically. New, rich, highly detailed worlds that look amazing. How characters look, and how they move, are important to the players investing so much time into giving them life. Companies need to be prepared to overhaul their game as it gets older to effectively compete with current trends.

**The game has been released and it does require a subscription.**


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