Fool: a person who lacks good judgment: A Rhyme

Some times a person is an ally
When you’re sad you can cry
When you’re happy you can fly
That person you can always rely

Then you have the person who isn’t your friend
You thought on them you could depend
You were lost in the world called Pretend
You ignored the patterns and trends

Online most people aren’t themselves
Too easy to change oneself
Put all the flaws on a shelf
Paint a better image of yourself

The truth will bring out the lies
Probably not before someone cries
Or in you they begin to despise
Pissed off it was all a disguise

If you take that path you’re a fool
People aren’t pawns from your private pool
There is no excuse to be cruel
You’re not fooling anyone, you ain’t cool

Interacting with people is what I do
So I see a hell of a lot more than you
The diamonds I find are few but so true
Then there are others when someone needs to get a clue

Almost every day I see lies unfold
At first it was interesting to behold
But the truth be told
After this long on the net it’s gotten old

Especially when those lies cause someone to hurt
In the comments comes out all the dirt
The truth peeps through the lies like a flirt
Eventually singing strong as if giving a concert

For those that do this, I hope it was worth it
Let’s be real, those people are hit
Friendships, contacts, loves and trust those lies split
Like a suicide when the wrists are slit

When I see it, all I can do is silently wish them luck
And be grateful I wasn’t the target they just struck
But deep down I know they are fucked
That’s what happens when the core of your being sucks

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