f(x) Drops Cute Music Video for “All Mine”

“All Mine” is the latest track to be released through SM STATION.

f(x) is the latest artist to release a song through SM’s STATION series. I was happy about the news because f(x) has grown to become one of my favorite K-pop artists (and one of the very few female K-pop acts I actually like).

Their song, “All Mine” is a fun, upbeat EDM song produced by LDN Noise. The music video was directed by fellow member Amber and was filmed while the girls were in Osaka for the SMTown concert. The video shows the girls acting cute and smiling brightly while filming themselves at different locations near the concert venue. Luna is outside the venue, Victoria is in the concert hall, Amber seems to be backstage and Krystal filmed her scenes in an underground parking lot. The video has a cute and light-hearted feel to it that compliments the song perfectly.

Not only is “All Mine” a fun summer song, it’s got me excited for an f(x) comeback. No one knows if the group will be making a comeback this year, but if they do, I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.

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