Gacha! Trying a New ARK Survival Evolved Map

Usk suggested playing on a new map in ARK; Survival Evolve called Crystal Isle. Let’s talk about my first steps on the new map!

ARK: Survival Evolved. I have a love/hate relationship with that game. Because of the friends I play with, I have fun playing ARK with them. I don’t like the business practices of the developers and publisher so, professional and personally, I refuse to purchase any more of their products unless I see change. For example, ARK is not optimized, community made mods fixed many of the bugs (or made them more tolerable) not the devs, they released a paid expansion while the game was still in Early Access, ported broken code over to consoles, the list goes on and on. They recently released a new game called Atlas which, allegedly, was supposed to be DLC for ARK. While my friends have purchased expansions and season passes, I refuse to because I know the only way Studio Wildcard will change is if they stop making money. When you pay a company for shady behavior, you’re rewarding them.

When Usk suggested a new map, at first, I was going to automatically reject the idea but then I remembered the map he was referring to. Crystal Isle is a free map made by the community (which is kick ass making ARK playable and interactive). The map is not complete but it is still in development. Let’s put it like this: in its current state, it is absolutely playable. I was following its development then lost track of it. Okay, I forgot about it – I admit it. I will support a community made map like Crystal Isle.

Usk set up a cluster server so we can go back and forth between servers. Then he said something I had to read multiple times to make sure I was reading it properly. He said we could bring dinos and stuff over from Ragnorak to Crystal Isle! My jaw dropped when I read that. In the past, Usk was adamantly against it. I hurried up and agreed before he changed his mind. No take backs!!!

The server jumping process wasn’t too bad once I got ARK to recognize the Crystal Isle server. The most complicated part of the entire process was getting to an obelisk once on Crystal Isle to retrieve things. Usk, Ola and Jeffrey had a rough journey making it from their spawn in point to the obelisk. Me? My experience was different.

Knowledge is power.

As you can see from the video above, while running to the obelisk, I noticed a new supply drop that wasn’t far from me. I remembered, from collecting items from supply drops, seeing stuff in the UI about creatures. I took a chance I could retrieve items from it and it paid off! My transfer to Crystal Isle was so smooth I was way more paranoid than if I died a zillion times. Why? Because nothing ever goes smooth for me in ARK. NEVER…until yesterday. Remember when I had the problem with Titans spawning by my base and one destroyed it? Or when the Yeti killed me while I was looking at my inventory? Or when Usk scared the crap out of me when I first got in the game (same night he tamed a Giga)? I could list things all day. ARK trolls me like no other game. Me, initially, getting on the Crystal Isle server smoothly means only one thing: I’m going to get it back triple fold later on!

Look forward to videos showing off the new map. I have a lot of work to get to that point. I have to find a new location for a base, figure out a design, built it, then move dinos over…tons of work!

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