GOT7 Takes Flight with New Music Video “Fly”

GOT7 reaches new heights with their new music video.

GOT7 is ready to “Fly” in their new music video!

Their new song is the first title track off their 5th mini album Flight Log: Departure, released March 21. “Fly is a combination of different sounds. At its heart, it’s an R&B song, but with elements of pop, hip hop, electronica, and has a breakbeat-inspired drumbeat in certain parts. It’s an upbeat track with sweet lyrics about being in love:

We’re gonna fly, fly
Wanna fly with you in my arms, will you go with me girl?
We’re gonna fly, fly
You and I, our dreams are right here blazing inside me girl
Fly fly
Our time is like sunshine after the rain
Fly fly
Shining brightly on you at the end of the tunnel

The only problem I have with “Fly” is the music video. The first half focusing solely on their dancing (which is dope. Really digging the choreography). The second half shows the members (well everyone except Junior) flying in their rooms, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, etc. It’s just after watching the trailer, I was expecting some more depth to the story (or an actual story). Maybe the release of the second title track “Home Run” next month will explain everything a little better.

But a messy storyline isn’t stopping IGOT7 from enjoying the video. “Fly” was released over 2 hours ago, and as of this post, has gotten over 115k likes and the view counter is stuck at 450,306 views (everybody loves GOT7).

GOT7 will be holding their first solo concert in Korea, FLY IN SEOUL, at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium from April 29-April 30th. They’ll also be coming to the US for their “Fly in USA 1st Concert” Tour, kicking off July 1 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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