Gotta have knowledge

I know, I’ve been quiet lately. That is because I’m still determining the depth of which I want to write on this site. I’m working on it.

Rog and I were talking yesterday about a topic and once I hung up I realized one of the traits the new man in my life must have. Knowledge. Rog is one of those people that has little tidbits of knowledge about a wide range of topics. The beauty of that was that his knowledge was different than my knowledge, so we’d learn something when we went head to head on something. I love a conversation where I’m thinking about it afterwards. We have some damn good debates.

I realized my relationships after that missed that important element. Men are put off by my quest for knowledge. When I was younger I used to constantly have books out from the library. Now I don’t know where my library card is but that doesn’t mean my thirst for knowledge is gone. I absorb it via TV and the internet. For me it’s more efficient.

Last night I went out and I was talking to a guy and I mentioned I couldn’t wait to get home to watch MythBusters (Tivo is a wonderful thing). He had no idea what I was talking about. I tried to hold an intelligent conversation about anything other than clothes, cars, sports, nada. He was missing the one thing that I realize “my guy” must have. Looking at him I could tell, he was intimidated. Being a woman of color didn’t help matters much. Once again, I couldn’t help but feel like a fish out of water. We would bore each other to death because our interests are so different.

I am proud of myself because even though he had many of the other traits that appeal to me I’m not settling. I look down at the gold ring on my finger that I can’t seem to take off to remind myself: Don’t settle.

One day “my guy” and I will have some interesting conversations – and it will be worth the wait.

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