Happy holidays…Momma style…

Hey, it’s Christmas! You didn’t expect deep thoughts today did you? Wow, you did? Whoops, my bad…well, ok. Guess I better bang out that New Year’s one early too…what’s up with the holidays falling on MY day? Alright, here we go…

2007 was definitely the year for social interaction. We open up our lives and our thoughts to strangers and it can be easy to forget that you don’t “really” know the people you’re interacting with.

The internet makes it very easy to reinvent yourself, show a hidden side people you see everyday never see. Unfortunately, the internet makes it easy for people to talk smack they would never say to someone’s face. If I go to SXSW I have one sole incentive (and I mean ONE incentive): to get in the face of the people who talked smack and say, “Hi, my name is Tyme White. Yeah, you remember what you said? Say it again.” Then I’ll watch them try to explain what they meant, how they didn’t mean it to come across like that…yeah yeah blah blah. Lame.

The holidays are usually a time for reflection – making changes for the new year. Here is my deep thought: do the people in your life “really” know you and if they don’t, would they be proud of you?

If you see your Mom this holiday season, look her in the eye and ask yourself: if you knew all the things I do, who I really am, would you be proud of me? Am I living with the morals, ethics, and values you tried to give me?

Actually, the real question is: are you proud of who you are and what you’ve become? Can’t go around living to please the parents can we? The issue though: if there are things that need to be changed within ourselves first they have to be acknowledged. If a person refuses to admit they have issues (it’s not okay to hack sites) and need to make a change, the change will never happen. Realizing the problem is one part, the hard part is making the change and sticking to it.

If you’ve turned into a malicious hacker are you proud of that and if you are, um, why? Are you that person who wants to lose weight but every year makes the same resolution? If you didn’t get a promotion at work did you admit it is because you’re not ready/qualified or did you blame it on another thing?

Take an honest look in the mirror, and if you don’t like what you see change it…make Momma and yourself proud.

And to not ask a question without answering it. If I write something online I’ll say the same thing in your face because I don’t talk smack – I follow through on what I say. I would never maliciously hurt someone because helping people is my thing. When I make up my mind to do something it gets done and if I hesitate there is usually one heck of a valid reason to back up my decision.

I am proud of myself (mostly) but my Mom would say I made some foolish mistakes this year (I pushed my body to limits recuperating I shouldn’t have but it worked out in the end). She’d be proud I learned from my mistakes (but think I should have been wiser not to make them).

If you are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas! Everyone – stay safe.

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