If A-listers stopped blogging for a week

Dave Winer poses an interesting question:

Wouldn’t it be interesting if every certified A-lister, by convention, didn’t blog during the third week of every month. What if that idea caught on?

Yes Dave, that would be interesting…in an amusing but disastrous type of way.

  1. Memeorandum wouldn’t update for a week (and sites like them).
  2. Many non-bloggers would have nothing to read. Imagine no Boing Boing (they are all A-list bloggers), Scripting, Tech Crunch, Robert Scoble, Om Malik…the list goes on.
  3. Bloggers wouldn’t have anything to write about and would *gasp* have to create some original content. Not that many don’t but the vast majority point to…you guessed it, A-listers. Hell, if Dave hadn’t written his entry, I wouldn’t be writing this one.

That’s the way it works.

The above scenario doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be quality content to read. Good luck finding it though. Technorati’s top searches would be filled with “how the internet went dead”. Think about it…if they “really” stopped blogging for a week – there goes a big chunk of content for sites like ZDNET, CNET, Slashdot. And it would only get worse with services like BlogBurst, taking blog content and pushing it to traditional publishers.

This caused me to look at my entries a bit to see how this would affect me. I have a good balance of linking to A-listers, small blogs and creating original content. Keeping it real, that was not always the case. Looking back there are many entries where I looked in FeedDemon, something an A-lister wrote sparked my interest and I wrote about it…like the A-List Shuffle entry. Almost a year to the day people were complaining that Dave is stingy with links.

Hello! Woman of color, non-A-Lister was linked to by Dave. Again. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I’d like to see the A-listers stop blogging just to see the impact it would have on the net, but it’s highly unlikely that would happen. Too much money would be lost that week.