I’m Just Now Discovering Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”

Yes, I understand I’ve been living under a rock all this time. Don’t rub it in.

I don’t normally follow girl groups so when Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” dropped back in January, it went completely under my radar.

But I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about how hyped they are about Red Velvet’s comeback in November and how much they loved “Bad Boy”, so I decided to check it out.

“Bad Boy” was the lead single from the repackage of Red Velvet’s second album, The Perfect Red Velvet and is a sassy, bass-heavy R&B track. The music video has the girls rocking a sexy, femme fatale concept and shows a more darker, even dangerous version of Red Velvet anyone is used to. I’m really hope they revisit the “Bad Girl” concept for their next album or at least release more R&B/hip hop leaning songs in the future. The genre suits the girls’ voices well.



Also check out the English version of “Bad Boy” that was released as a bonus track on their mini album, Power Up.


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