I’m not in the mood….

I don’t feel like writing an article. Yet here I am, writing an article I don’t feel like writing and I don’t like the ones I pre-wrote. I realized what I’m doing right now is what we all do to some extent.

I don’t feel like writing an article. An article about Web 2.0 or technology? I have zero interest and I haven’t even been keeping up with it lately. Politics? Each and every politician can kiss my ass because I’m tired of them spewing shit they expect me to fall for. Life? Thanks but Mother Nature decided to mess up thousands of lives with Ike and after enduring no power for a couple of days (kids with no power is not a pretty thing) I need a break from life. Business? Enough depressing news about businesses failing and needing to be bailed out this week to last anyone a life time (if you have stocks, good luck with that). If I were writing about World of Warcraft I’d have a bunch to say and I might spin this somehow into WoW…..

So here I am writing an article I don’t feel like writing and I don’t like the ones I pre-wrote. Then I realized what I’m doing now is what we all do to some extent.

  • Isn’t that what people do when they get in their cars and drive to the job they can’t stand?
  • Isn’t that what people do when they roll over from having sex with the spouse they fell out of love with a long time ago?
  • Isn’t that what people do when they go to the bowling league they somehow got pressured into joining but don’t want to cause drama by canceling?
  • When you contain yourself when you smile at your co-worker/boss/insert-person-here when you really want to tell them off?
  • When you wash those windows do you like doing it?

We all do things we don’t want to do everyday. Some people do it all day everyday. I can’t recall the last time I was enthusiastic about cooking. Or yard work. I can’t dance when I do those two things (without looking like an idiot).

What I don’t understand is why people continue to do things they don’t like without trying to improve the situation? Get a better job. Get a divorce or rediscover the love. Kill the league and join another. Learn how to tell people off without them realizing you did (that’s fun). Put on some music while you wash the windows and dance.

People do things out of habit. My Mom will do things on auto-pilot and she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. It used to drive me nuts because I would put something down for a moment and she’d auto-pilot (move it). Although auto-pilot comes in handy if she happened to have gone to the store, picked something up she thought I’d like and ends up auto-piloting (cooking) me a meal…anyway, that was her way of getting through chores she didn’t like doing.

In the situations I described above many times people fall into habit, a routine. Sex, same club with the same people on the same days, same meals on the same days, get brand new clothes and they look just like the old clothes.

When you went to college even if you had a blast, did you want to stay there? You love your job, do you want to hold the same position five years from now? Do you really want your kids to stay kids? See the difference?

Habit does not equal fun. Or enjoyment. Or progression. Or growth. Habit means stuck in a rut.

To advance in life sometimes you have to kill the habits.

To reward myself for writing the article I’m not in the mood to write, I’m going to do something completely spontaneous – breaking a habit of what I’d normally do on a weekend.

Have a good one!

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