I’m the Devil on Extinction

I have a new found respect for my site. Free of speech! You never know how someone will inspire you.

I recorded a video the other day thanks to Usk. While waiting in queue for Path of Exile, I mentioned on Twitter the gold in the Blight expansion reminded me of a dino, that I love but turns like a bus, in ARK. Usk responded:

No, I’ve seen buses turn sharper than that dino. I’ve turned to using a Megatherium for weight when gathering element instead.

Usk via Twitter

So, I attempted to continue what I was doing but I kept thinking, “Why a Megatherium?” because seriously, why? Megatheriums don’t have overly large weight capacities. Curiosity got the best of me. I launched ARK, got my Megatherium, hopped on Extinction, and it resulted in the shenanigans in this video.

I haven’t failed this much in a while! I had fun, because I kept delaying logging out. I needed (not really) to start on dinner. It felt good to hop in the game, take a break from what I was doing, and relax for awhile. I didn’t have to record, I wanted to record.

Last night, I tried to upload the video and YouTube wouldn’t let me save it with the word “devil” in the title. When I changed “I’m the Devil…” to “I’m So Bad…” it saved immediately. I belatedly remembered I didn’t change the thumbnail and decided to leave it as it was. Last night I was frustrated because, initially, I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t save. Now, I’m glad it happened because I appreciate my site more. I have creative freedom here. 💖

So…why a Megatherium?

It was later that night I realized I had the answer to the question, “Why did Usk want to bring a Megatherium”?

In the video, I mentioned Megatheriums hate bugs. Well, as you can see in the video, the area where we farm element has a decent amount of bugs. It would be nice to have a bug killer protecting you, wouldn’t it? I rode Usk’s Megatherium during the Megapithecus boss fight! I had a good laugh because I always learn something from Usk, Ola, Nyth, Jeffrey, Jesse…I love it when they geek out and when Ola talks about design.

Admittedly, a Quetzal is not an efficient bug killer. I look forward to taking other dinos to Extinction to see which one will be my favorite. You know what it won’t be? The one I haven’t shown you yet that turns like a bus! It would fall off the cliffs.

What did I learn from Usk this time? If he didn’t make the random comment about him and his Megatherium, I wouldn’t have recorded the video, wouldn’t have tried to upload it last night, nor would I have been frustrated at not being able to pick the title I wanted for the video, which led to me realizing how much YouTube stifles my creativity. That led to me appreciating my site and how I undervalued it because I can always freely express myself here. AND that led me to enjoy making videos more!

When procrastinating cooking pays off! I KNOW!!!! Right? 😂🤣

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