Is Your Hotel Room Really Clean?

Remember, not all hotel employees are like this. It is best to be safe than sorry and protect your technology and values. It disturbed me how she cleaned the room and used his tech things.

I have friends that travel a lot, especially to conventions. Picking a good hotel, especially if you have technology, is important to many people (it is to me). I expect the room to be clean and my stuff untouched. Vince Stravix decided to record what happens when the cleaning staff cleaned his room. The name of the hotel was not given. The video shows what happened and, it is disturbing.

I was more disturbed by how she cleaned the room than her going through the customer’s stuff. They are both equally upsetting but I found, looking at the video, that I assumed a level of cleanliness would be met for a brand-name hotel. I did not realize I was doing that and it is not a good thing to assume. Nothing was stolen and that’s good but damn it, don’t clean the bathroom and not change your gloves or not change the sheets or put the pillows on the floor then back on the bed.

I know people who work in the hotel industry and they take their job seriously. They tell me about being recognized for their job performance and show me certificates and awards. Remember, the person cleaning this room is not representative of all hotel employees.

I am glad I saw this video because now, I realize I took cleanliness for granted when it came to brand-name hotels. I won’t in the future.

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