Jin, from BTS, releases new cover. Showing appreciation to your supporters is important

Jin, from the group BTS, released a cover titled I Love You, as a surprise on his birthday. Let's look at why this was an excellent way to promote brand loyalty.

Jin, from the group BTS, sang a cover of I Love You on his birthday (December 4th – he’s 23). It’s very nicely done. He included the following message:

Hello, this is Jin.

I’m posting a cover for the first time in a long time.

I had been thinking of posting a cover on a good day, and I’m really happy to be able to share my voice with everyone on my birthday.

I really wanted to share my voice on my birthday, and I’ve been preparing for a long time. It was difficult because the preparation was like for an album, but I wanted to relay how I felt with a great song on a happy day, so I worked really hard on this.

I’d like very much if you enjoyed it.

This time, I covered a song called “I Love You,” and it’s a song I’ve liked a lot since my trainee days. It moved me a lot when I heard it for the first time, and when thinking about what song I would show you on my birthday, I thought what better song than this to tell ARMY how I feel.

I usually like saying “I like you” more, but at least for today, I want to say “I love you.”

If you felt through the song just how much I love ARMY, I’d really like that.

Thank you so much for always being there for us and liking us. I love you.

You can tell he worked hard on this. It sounds very good. Other than surprising his fans, driving them crazy with unexpected joy, let’s look at other reasons why this was an excellent idea and well worth the extra work to release a quality song – for free.

Appreciate Your Fans/Customers/Viewers

Companies often get caught up focusing on profit that they forget simple appreciation goes a long way to ensure loyalty. There are so many businesses now, especially internet based ones, where the barrier to entry is inexpensive, and stays that way. There really isn’t a excuse for these businesses not to do things on a regular basis to let their customers know their loyalty is appreciated.

I see on Twitch all the time gamers asking for money. They come up with very creative ways to get viewers to give up their hard earned money. It’s sad to watch some larger channels forget to give back. They’ve forgotten the formula that was the foundation of their growth. Many started streaming before viewers could pay for subscriptions or give donations. They streamed because they were passionate about it and their passion showed. They were picky about the games they played, tried to ensure quality content, and streamed consistently. When they could, they did extra streams because they enjoyed streaming.

Now, many of those same streamers have a different attitude towards streaming. They will pick a game not because it is good and viewers will enjoy it (or they are a good choice to stream it), they pick the game because it is sponsored. The extra streams stopped. These streamers have the money to invest back into the company (their stream) by doing giveaways, but they stopped. They are also starting to lose viewers and rightfully so, when streams like CohhCarnage are nailing it with sound business practices.

Their Recent Comeback

BTS recently released a new song, Run, the first song in their recent comeback. I’m not implying Jin did this solely as a business move, but the timing is perfect. Run, released the 29th, has almost 3 million views on YouTube. This is particularly fitting because it is speculated that in the series of videos leading up to and including Run, tells the story of Jin dying and the impact his death has on the other group members.

The effort to release a quality set of videos, that in the end, tell a story is exactly the type of quality that causes customers/viewers/fans to become very loyal to a brand (in this case, the group BTS). Imagine how loyal fans are feeling, sad one of their favorite members died in the videos. Then to have Jin release a song, on his birthday, saying “I love and appreciate you”, as a complete surprise…is it surprising there are many comments of fans in tears from joy?

Crush the Competition

BTS is a relatively new KPop group in a highly competitive genre. There are many KPop groups, new music is released all the time. For a new group to be noticed, and stay noticed, careful planning must be done. KPop groups are usually good with fan appreciation because they understand how important it is. However, most KPop groups do not release a themed set of videos that tell a story, showing the careful planning that went into it. Fans enjoyed trying to figure out what the videos meant as they were released. There was an extra sense of joy finally figuring it out, similar to reading the end of a very good book. Those feelings, those experiences, are ones fans will always remember. When a fan has a long list of groups having comebacks, the group that made them feel the most will often rise to the top.

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

An old saying, but a valid one. Using BTS, and Jin’s song release as an example, remember to bring value and quality to your business offerings.