J.K. Rowling feels guilty about being rich

J.K. Rowling said she feels guilty about being rich. Yet she continues to pursue making money.

J.K. Rowling said in a recent interview that she felt guilty about being so rich and finds fame a heavy burden to bear, especially when it intrudes on the privacy of her family.

Because she’s richer than Queen Elizabeth. She assured fans that she already started writing Book Six and Book Seven is already done.

I don’t believe that crap about feeling guilty for being rich for one minute. Not for one second.

If she’s that rich, and she feels guilty why doesn’t she donate the earnings to her books/movies to charity? Start a foundation for kids and teach them how to write just like her? Yet, she continues to write and pockets the money.

I believe in people getting paid for what they are worth but don’t say that crap being guilty – then pocket the money. She could at least attempt to do an Oprah and give some of it away. It would give a grain of truth to her statement. I’m not really an Oprah fan (that would be my mother) but I have to admit the woman does give. There are many stars that do projects, sometimes profiting millions of dollars, and they give it to charity (which I suppose I would do to if I was already mega-rich). It’s the equivalent to volunteering our time to us. When you are that rich, the profits from one or two books is nothing. The profit from a movie, nothing. So why doesn’t she back up her word and give one the profits from something up to charity – the whole thing?

I dare her.

And if she can’t do it? Take back the guilty remark because when you truly feel guilty about something you don’t continue to keep doing it.